Volin Chiropractic Clinic

This is the website for Volin Chiropractic Clinic located in Lincoln and Wahoo Nebraska.  We are a self run Chiropractic Business.  This is where you can visit to find any information about Volin Chiropractic Clinic that you might need.  You can find information about how to find us, contact us, find out any days off, or see our hours.

Dr. Ron Volin started this business right after graduating from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City.  This business is an entrepreneurship, and was started in 1995 in Lincoln, Nebraska.  A couple years  later in 1999 he opened another business in his hometown of Wahoo, Nebraska.

Volin Chiropractic Clinic is a very friendly and welcoming business, the staff is very appreciative and caring.  We are here to help you with any pains that you may have in your back or neck.  We can help in your recovery process from an injury you have had.   We can help you after you have been in a car accident, a back or neck injury, or everyday pain in your spine.