About the Spine

If you are wondering about your spine, what different bones in your spine are called, or what effect they have if they are out of alignment you can find out about it on this page.


The cervical part of the spine is made up of seven different vertebrae, and the main purpose of this section of the cervical spine is to support your head.  The cervical spine is also made up of the smallest vertebrae.


The thoracic section of the spine is made up of 12 different vertebrae, and its main purpose is to protect the organs of your chest such as the heart and lungs.  Each of these vertebrae have a rib attached to it.


The lumbar spine is made up of five larger vertebrae, and this is the weight bearing portion of the body.  So when you have an alignment issue in this part of your spine it will b more painful than the thoracic.


The sacrum is just beneath the lumbar, and is made up of five vertebrae just like the lumbar.  But these vertebrae are connected unlike the rest of the spine.


Finally, at the very bottom of the spine is the coccyx, or tailbone.

Other Notes

Most people have on average thirty three vertebrae in their spine, but there are small variations some of the time.  It is not necessarily bad, but some people have either thirty two or thirty four vertebrae.

Below is a link to a chart that will tell you symptoms and affected areas when a vertebra is out of alignment.

Misalignment Chart


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